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Building a brand that people can believe in.

Taking a regional brand that nobody knows, and few can pronounce from obscurity to an aspirational brand that people want to engage with is not an easy task. But with a small team and the right vision, that is just what we did.


Pnuma (noo-ma) was a bit player in a crowded arena full of big-name camouflage companies with a short selling season. Our task was to reimagine the brand from the ground up and craft a year-round brand that could stand out, be memorable, and demonstrate sustained growth.


Brand Architecture
Brand Management
Digital Strategy
Brand Marketing
Product Development
Website Design
Website Development


David vs a whole herd of Goliaths. The competition is full of established industry leaders that have massive marketing budgets, and legions of ultra-loyal fans. We had to break through those barriers with a strong message to communicate why consumers should even consider spending their hard-earned dollars on a relatively unknown brand.


Be honest, be real, and always be there when they need you. Hunting gear is not cheap, and it takes a beating. When we created the foundation for Pnuma we set three pillars to build on; Quality, Innovation, and Customer Service. Then we crafted an architecture and vision that would work for every brand touchpoint.


We would Overdeliver, Outperform & Outlast everyone – In the Field and Beyond.


Top-of-the-line gear means nothing if the company doesn’t stand behind it so we set the expectation that Pnuma will always be there for our customers. From product development to the customer service staff answering the phones and the warehouse team packing boxes, we would do whatever it takes to keep our customers out in the field longer. Every piece of brand communication is designed, to be honest, authentic and drives home the message that our gear is Guaranteed for Life. Not for a month, not for a year. For the life of the garment. This message resonates strongly with consumers, even loyalists from the big brands because nobody stands behind their gear as Pnuma does. This message truly makes us stand out amongst giants and gives consumers a reason to believe in Pnuma.

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How We Got There

Stay small. Focus on the vision. Be the brand. Overdeliver, Outperform & Outlast in the field and beyond became our rally cry, and it didn’t just apply to the brand. We lived Pnuma Outdoors every day. From strategy development to creative direction and execution, MOC created and produced every marketing touchpoint. To indeed be the brand, we went a step further and directed product development, event execution and even engaged with retailers and consumers to educate them about our brand. MOC became the entire marketing arm of Pnuma, and the results speak volumes.



Even with zero ad spend from March through July, Pnuma exceeded its 2020 revenue goal of $1.9 million by $468,031 and .COM revenue increased +25% YoY.


.COM revenue increased +25% YoY.


During the hunting season (July – December), Pnuma saw 49% more web sessions in 2020 than in 2019



Increased annual revenue to $4.5 million (+52% YoY)


Pnuma was introduced into Retail, sales increased by $645,000
18 new retail accounts + 28 Scheels


New customers 5,036


Total web sessions 834,184 (+99% YoY)


New users 467,451 (+84% YoY)

“MOC is a full-service, one-stop-shop, blending PR, Social Media, Advertising and Marketing strategies together. They not only produced real results that impacted the bottom line, but they developed our brand to convey one unified message to the public.”
– Cody Roberts
CEO, Pnuma Outdoors